Conducting an HR Assessment

What is an HR

An HR Assessment is a collaborative process working with the human resources team and organizational leaders to review selected areas of HR.  The assessment’s purpose is to determine strengths and weaknesses within the HR program against industry practices, prioritize HR areas to focus on, and offer recommendations for improvement over time. 

How is the Assessment Conducted?

Depending on its scope, the assessment may run anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months. It begins with an introductory phase whose purpose is to generate energy among the HR team and leaders for the assessment, and gain input into organizational and HR priorities. It follows with an extensive week by week review of each HR area, and concludes with a written presentation of materials and data, along with priorities and recommendations. 

What areas of human resources are typically part of the assessment?

All, or a sub-set of HR functions. Developing “north star” or true KPIs are critical elements for each of the prioritized HR areas.

HR Economics

  • Benefits, insurances and enrollments
  • Benefits, retirement
  • Benefits, leave time programs
  • Compensation
  • Payroll
  • Scheduling

HR Operations

  • Recruitment
  • Orientation and onboarding
  • Annual requirements
  • HR systems and codes
  • Job titles and descriptions
  • HR policies
  • HR communications
  • Employee files
  • HR department structure
  • HR compliance
  • Claims and legal matters

Workplace Culture

  • Employee experience
  • Recognition
  • Employee health and wellness
  • Employee relations
  • Labor relations
  • Performance management
  • Learning
  • Organizational structure
  • Staffing and position approvals
  • Diversity and inclusion