Culture and Teambuilding

Every organization develops a culture. It just may not be the culture that leaders and employees aspire for. An employee-centric culture is built on engagement, and an emphasis on teamwork and relationships. Organizations should consider the following:

A "Culture Jam" to Engage Employees in the Organization's Mission and Values

Hosting a conversation, facilitated and prodded by internal subject experts, allows for employees to engage on a specified topic or topics, with the collective results processed and analyzed for themes.

Team Building Retreats

Successful team building takes groups of any size through four initial discussions during an on- or off-site retreat, the outcomes of which form the bases for ongoing team improvements over time.

  1. Behaviors that impact team
  2. Self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  3. Appreciating differences among team members
  4. Needed Team foundations

Advancing to T-groups

  • T-groups, or training groups, is a concept developed by National Training Labs, the leader in team dynamics, and relies on decades of proven methodology and results to help teams achieve better inter-personal relations.
  • Like physical exercise, people tend to see greater results by training in groups rather than solo. Mutual support, group encouragement and connections are all expected results from t-group training.
  • Teams whose members are expected to rely on each other must overcome unspoken tensions and build awareness of each other to move to higher performance.
The Power of T-Groups and Experiential Learning by Carole Robin