An employee-centric culture
is built on engagement,
and an emphasis on
teamwork and relationships.

The New Future for HR

Deeper relationships between employees and employers.

working with HR
and leadership teams.

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20 years

As Chief Human Resources officer for over 20 years in small to large companies, I know the importance of aligning HR planning with the organization’s mission and goals.

Future of HR

I am thinking about a new future for HR, needed given the growing interdependencies and deeper relationships between employees and employers.


I have been able to uniquely implement unprecedented change in organizations, through implementations that incur little or no disruption, and by creating unique improvements that speak to employees’ need and that of the future workforce.

Creating exciting solutions for the future
Innovation in organizations must extend to the workforce and human resources functions. Rethinking HR foundations doesn’t mean “back to basics.”
What they say about us

“Jeff Stevens proved to be a powerhouse at Jefferson—in short order transforming a teetering, understaffed HR operation into an engine underpinning a historic merger of two universities and the major expansion of a leading academic health system.”

– Mark Tykocinski
Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Thomas Jefferson University

What we can offer you

Conducting an HR Assesment

Collaboratively working with HR and leadership teams. The assessment identifies areas of improvement and innovation, and typically serves as the basis for developing a HR strategic plan.

Creating an Employee Hub

Given the need to engage employees in their organizations, consideration must be given to create a digital portal for them to connect, access information and engage in important workforce activities.

Delivering Key Manager Trainings

Organizations must deliver exceptional manager training in areas of culture and team building, and also teach management practices to create great accountability.

Communications Strategy and Design

Internal audiences communicated to on mission, values, recognition, HR benefits.

Culture and Teambuilding

Culture and teamwork are must-have in order to design work improvements.

Performance and Learning

New assessments and tools, manager reviews, new types of learning and engaging content.

Creativity is innovation. The following are exhibits that show my art, and its intersection with my personal mission to celebrate people at work.

The Faces of Caring (2011)

Future Faces (2016)

Culture Panels (2012)

Creative Outlet